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Quarterly and annual performance reports

Performance Indicators (PIs) are reported monthly, quarterly and annually. These PIs are currently used to demonstrate to a wider audience how the council is performing.

The council is subject to the National Performance Improvement Framework and as such has to collect, monitor and report on a number of performance indicators that are set by the Welsh Government or Welsh Local Government to measure their shared priorities with Welsh councils. National performance measures are referenced within the data tables attached to this report. The performance monitoring reports also report progress meeting the targets and projections for its key improvement priorities as described in the corporate improvement plan:

  • NSI - National Strategic Indicators
  • PAM - Public Accountability Measures
  • SID - Service Improvement Data
  • Local key measures 

The council presents a quarterly corporate performance report three times during the year and a final end of year performance report. This end of year performance report covers performance for the whole of the municipal year from 1 April to 31 March. The periods that are reported quarterly are 1 April to 30 June, 1 July to 30 September and 1 October to 31 December.

The council sets targets for its performance measures. The target is based upon current local and (where relevant) national performance and other considerations, such as:

  • previous trends
  • whether or not it is a priority
  • seasonal factors
  • available resources
  • intelligence, and
  • an understanding of what the target means for national performance.

The target is a stretching and aspirational benchmark for priority services. In the current and anticipated financial environment further discussion and consideration will be required around priorities and target setting for performance improvement

The performance data tables show quarterly and annual performance against the target using green (met or exceeded target), amber (within 5% of the target), and red (missed target).


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PDF Document Performance Report Annual 2017-18 (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window


PDF Document Annual Performance Tables 16-17 (PDF, 10MB)Opens new window

Sometimes performance may be green against the target but performance may be poor compared to the rest of Wales. The targets that have been set may sometimes be seen to reinforce this position. However, the factors highlighted, such as previous trends, whether or not it is a priority, available resources to invest, etc. above would have been considered when setting such targets to ensure that they are realistic and achievable; the target would also be an indication and incentive to illustrate how performance would need to be stretched to compare better with other councils in Wales.

Targets are formally set before the start of each financial year and are continually reviewed to ensure that they remain appropriate. Targets are agreed with cabinet members.

Examples of the previous performance reports

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