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Social Care Qualifications

The Care Council for Wales (CCW) in consultation with the Welsh Government sets out within a Qualifications Framework, required and recommended qualifications for social care posts.

These apply to posts that are regulated by National Minimum Standards for services, the Children's Workforce Strategy, the Early Years Workforce Strategy and the Workforce Action Plan to deliver Fulfilled Lives Supportive Communities.

Qualification Framework

The Qualification Framework for the Social Care Sector in Wales supports the aim of ensuring that children and adults who use social care services are able to rely on a workforce that is properly trained, appropriately qualified and effectively regulated. The Qualification Framework sets out the qualifications relevant for, and used by, the sector. You can find more information about what qualifications you need for specific jobs in social care, or careers in social care can be found on the Care Council for Wales we site, or by following the link on this page.

The majority of jobs covered by the Care Council for Wales Qualifications Framework are competency based. For most people, this generally means a QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care for Adults or Children and Young People at levels 3, 4 or 5 - depending on what group you work with and job requirements. Alternatively, you may have an older qualification such as a National Vocational Qualification for Adults or Children and Young People at levels 2, 3 or 4. But the qualification you need depends on exactly what job you do, so it's important to check the Qualifications pages of the Care Council for Wales web site to see what's appropriate for your job.

Qualifications in Swansea

You can access social care qualifications from a number of private training providers in Swansea, or from elsewhere. They are also available from one of our main SCWDP partners Gower College. You can find a link to Gower College on this page. Social Care qualifications are sometimes available free of charge, so be sure to ask when you check with your training provider.

It is the employer's responsibility to make sure you have the qualification you need to do your job. In some cases, holding the right qualification isn't enough and you will also need to join a professional register of social care workers with the Care Council for Wales. Registration information can be found on the Care Council web site or by following the link you can find on this page.

In some cases, your employer might be able to access a QCF Diploma at levels 2 or 3 for either Adults or Children through the Swansea SCWDP partnership. WE are able to do this because Swansea Social Services has a nationally accredited Assessment Centre. To check this, your employer (not you) will need to contact the person named below.

We are able to offer up to 50 free QCF Diplomas for social care staff each year provided that:

  • your employer is commissioned by the City and County of Swansea to deliver social care services on its behalf
  • potential candidates are over 18 years of age, hold a permanent contract of employment and have completed any period of probation
  • your employer is prepared to commit to releasing you to attend any additional training or meetings you need

Wherever possible and practical, we will also offer your employer the opportunity to train one or more people as QCF Assessors so that the whole process can become easier, quicker and more cost effective. If your employer cannot do this, we may still be able to offer you a qualification by arranging for one of our own people to act as your Assessor.

Unlike many other training providers, we do not currently charge a fee for your qualification as long as you complete it within 2 years of starting. If you cannot achieve this, we may then re-charge you the cost of registering you on the award programme. We are in the process of reviewing this, and so this may change over the next year.

If your organisation is interested in knowing more about qualifications or want to talk about the possibility of free QCF Diplomas, please contact:

Helena Gammond

Staff Development Officer
Swansea Social Services,
Staff Development & Training Unit
Llwyncelyn Campus
Swansea SA2 0FJ


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