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Swansea SCWDP Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference and Membership


To provide a forum at which representatives of the primary social care sector partners working within the City and County of Swansea can meet or be consulted about workforce planning and development issues and priorities, and methods of promoting the social care sector as a positive employment option. The group forms one part of an overall strategy to support the implementation of work arising from the workforce dimension of the role and accountabilities of the Director of Social Services.


The Social Care Workforce Development Partnership Steering Group aims to:

  • promote employment in the social care sector in Swansea*
  • help develop and set out a strategic direction for the workforce of the local social care sector and promote a common understanding of the related planning and development requirements for staff in Swansea*
  • help provide information, guidance and support for the production of a whole sector workforce plan for Swansea* that identifies and secures implementation of measures to ensure a sufficiently large, skilled, safe and focused workforce to meet assessed needs, addressing issues of recruitment and retention, vetting, registration, reward, competences, qualifications, skill-mix, training needs and support requirements.
  • signpost or provide appropriate guidance to employers that support the need to ensure the particular requirements for a safe workforce and the requirements that flow from the employment of a regulated workforce and registered individuals
  • ensure that local education and training providers understand the training and development requirements of the social care sector in Swansea* and are able to respond to its needs at differing levels of qualification and experience, including the development and delivery where necessary of relevant, evidence-based programmes fitting staff, foster-carers and volunteers for current and future expectations
  • establish, where practical, a common approach and standard for the provision of staff training and staff development that is based on National Minimum and Occupational Standards
  • promote the achievement of qualifications to meet national training targets
  • provide information about, and, wherever possible, access to opportunities for training and learning opportunities
  • share information and resources wherever possible and appropriate
  • support a culture of staff development and training which engages managers in both their own development, and that of their staff and service areas or organisations
  • identify, where possible, additional sources of funding to support the achievement of its aims


  • The Steering Group will be representative of the local social care sector and other key stakeholders that are involved in or can influence the setting and achievement of the Partnership's Social Care Workforce Development Plans.
  • Membership of the Steering Group by social care agencies will normally be for 2 years with the facility, at the discretion of the Chair, to extend this by a further 12 months or as required.
  • The Steering group's current membership is shown in Annex A. The group may add or co-opt members as appropriate

Operating Arrangements

  • The Steering Group chair will be provided by the City and County of Swansea, or as delegated where this becomes necessary. The group may decide to appoint a vice-chair from within its membership.


  •  Will be held at least quarterly.
  • Six members are required for quoracy at meetings, with representation that at least includes the City and County of Swansea, social care agencies and training providers.
  • Administration and meeting venues will be arranged by City and County of Swansea, with partner agencies assisting in the provision of venues where possible.
  • Wherever possible meeting dates will be agreed in advance as a consensus between partnership members, although the chair may decide to call an emergency or unscheduled meeting at any time.


  •  Steering Group members are expected to make every effort to attend meetings to help ensure continuity of business, planning and consultation. Members may send a deputy where they cannot attend a particular meeting, but the normal expectation will be for members to arrange this in advance with the group's Secretary or Chair, and to attend the next meeting as normal.
  •  Where a group member or deputy fails to attend two consecutive meetings without adequate explanation, the Chair will assume they no longer wish to be involved with the group. At this stage, the group may decide to replace that member with an equivalent representative from a similar service setting or area of activity.


  •  The Terms of Reference for the Partnership will be reviewed annually as part of the SCWDP planning process. Amendments will need to be agreed by the Steering Group.


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