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Registering as Disabled

Do I need to register as disabled?

All local authorities are required to keep a register of disabled people. Registration is voluntary. It is no longer necessary to register as disabled for employment purposes.  In order to register you must have a disability or impairment which is both substantial and enduring ie it is expected to last longer than 12 months.

Most of the services, benefits and concessions available to disabled people only require people to meet the criteria to be registered and not actually to register. However there are a few benefits which are only available to people who register as disabled. Some people find that being registered as disabled makes it more straightforward to apply for some of the benefits and concessions they are entitled to.

For more information on registration for people with a physical or sensory disability please see Disabled Registration for People with a Physical or Sensory Disability. You can also download/print this information as a factsheet  PDF Document Disabled Registration for People with a Physical or Sensory Disability (Factsheet 028) (PDF, 26KB)Opens new window.

If you want to find out more about registration for someone with a learning disability or an enduring mental health problem, please contact the relevant service team.  See How to contact Social Services

There is a range of general information about support, advice and benefits available for disabled people and about the Disability Discrimination Act on the website.


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