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Falls Prevention

The risk of serious injury from a fall increases with age, but fear of falling can also be a major worry for some people. There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of falling at home.

Minimise trip hazards

  • Arrange furniture so it is not in your way when you walk
  • Keep the areas where you walk, especially stairs, free of clutter
  • Remove rugs, or ensure that they have non-slip backs
  • Make sure there are no trailing electric wires or cables
  • Ensure loosely fitting sheets and blankets are tucked in

Use lighting effectively

  • Ensure your home is well lit and that bulbs are bright enough
  • Turn lights on as soon as it starts getting dark
  • Have a light you can turn on from your bed before you get up
  • If you go to the toilet at night, put the light on

Move safely

  • Take your time - don't rush to get to the phone or answer the door
  • Get up slowly if you've been sitting or lying down for some time
  • Use the handrail when going up or down stairs
  • Use grabrails in the bath or shower and by the toilet
  • If you don't already have a Lifeline alarm, consider getting one. Phone 01792 648999

Think about storage

  • Keep items - food, pots and pans, clothing - that you use regularly in cupboards or on shelves that are easy to reach without bending or stretching
  • If you have to reach something at a higher level use a firm stepladder - don't stand on a chair

Make the most of your eyes

  • Have your eyes tested regularly
  • Remember to wear your glasses
  • If you have two pairs for different activities, remember to change them over when necessary

Look after your feet 

  • Cut toenails regularly and visit a chiropodist if necessary
  • Wear footwear that fits well and supports your foot

Keep active 

  • Regular gentle exercise helps with bone and muscle strength and balance, all of which help prevent falls. There are many exercise classes aimed at older people.  Active Swansea has more information.


Further Information about Falls Prevention

Ageing Well in Wales has a lot of information to help people reduce the risk of falls, including ideas for gentle exercise to improve strength and balance and tips to prevent falling.  Take a look at their Falls Prevention Resource HubOpens new window.

Swansea Council for Voluntary Services has also produced a Falls Prevention GuideOpens new window in partnership with Swansea Bay University Health Board.

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