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Help around the Home

As you get older, or perhaps after an illness or an accident, you may find it harder to do some of the things around the house that you used to do.

As well as considering formal support, have you thought whether a friendly neighbour, or perhaps a friend or relative, may be happy to help out now and again?   The links below give some suggestions of how you can find someone to give you a helping hand.

Help with Housework

For some older or disabled people, keeping on top of the housework can be a challenge, especially the heavier work.

Making Mealtimes Easier

Eating proper meals regularly is important for health and wellbeing, especially in later life.

Getting your Shopping Done

If getting to the shops, or carrying your shopping home, is getting to be a problem, there are alternatives.

Repairs and Maintenance

As you get older, some of those little repairs that need doing can get a bit awkward, particularly if you live alone and have no-one to give you a hand.

Help with the Garden

Outside space can stop being a pleasure when it becomes more than you can easily manage.

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