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Council seeks interest in litter enforcement partnership

Litter louts and dog owners who allow their pets to foul public areas are set to be targeted with fines in Swansea.

Recycling Litter

Swansea Council is looking to recruit a partner litter enforcement company who can issue fixed penalties to people caught littering or not cleaning up after their pet.

A previous litter enforcement partnership ended more than a year ago in the city and the council is now seeking interest from companies who wish to get on board and help keep the city litter free.

The latest scheme could be introduced later this year and could include fines being issued for a number of offences including, littering, dog fouling, beach bans, fly tipping and Section 46 & Section 47 issues (putting out household waste on the wrong day).

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Enhancement and Infrastructure Management said: "We had a lot of success in previous years in terms of implementing a litter enforcement regime which helped deter people from throwing litter on the ground.

"Now that contract has ended, we'd like to bring on board a further partner who could work with us, assisting our own enforcement officers and help keep the city clean and litter-free.

"Littering and dog fouling continue to be something the majority of our residents will not tolerate.  We see regular calls for the council to fine those that carry out this type of anti-social behaviour and wish to see this selfish attitude eradicated. This is not something the council can do alone, we need the public to support us and we also need a partner to assist with the enforcement.

"The council spends a huge amount of its budget each year cleaning up after those that throw litter on the ground, fly tip or allow their dog to foul public areas - this is money that could be invested elsewhere if everyone played their part in keeping Swansea clean.

"Ideally, we'd like to bring a partner on board before the end of the year."

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