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Coronavirus 25 June 2020 - 4.00pm

This is today's round-up of the latest Coronavirus news on Thursday 25 June 2020.

#StayHomeSaveLives  #HereForSwansea

Toilets set to re-open 

Some public toilets operated by us are set to re-open tomorrow.

In the first stages the toilets at the city centre bus station, along with toilet facilities at Langland, Caswell Bay and Oystermouth Square will be reopened, with measures in place to ensure the safety of those using them.

Our plans include a phased reopening to other toilets to ensure we have measures in place that focus on hygiene and reducing the risks of spreading the coronavirus.


A big thank-you to teachers

We're paying tribute to hundreds of teachers from our city's schools who have gone "above and beyond" during the coronavirus crisis as schools prepare to safely welcome more pupils back on Monday.

Parents and carers are being contacted directly by their school outlining the specific arrangement that apply to them as schools re-open.

There's more information here:


How we're supporting the unemployed into work

Staff at our Tackling Poverty Section have continued to support people into work while also helping out with the wider Covid-19 crisis response.

Since the pandemic began Swansea Working has directly supported 142 people by helping them to prepare for work. The employability programmes have helped 50 people back into work during the period.

They have also used social media to highlight information and advice for people looking for work, reaching more than 160,000 people during the period with over 25,000 engagements on posts.

To find out how Swansea Working can help you email or phone 01792 578632.



We are cleaning up every day after those who are littering our beaches and parks. Please think of others, take your litter home with you and dispose of it thoughtfully.

Welsh Government two-metre rules on social distancing and the five-mile rule on travel remain in place and can be found here:



Scam prevention training offer

Our Trading Standards team is inviting staff to a Skype meeting on 7 July at 11.00am about Coronavirus-related scams.

The session will offer participants the chance to find out about the latest scams as well as techniques to identify someone who may have been scammed.

Those who want to participate should email Ray Foulston in Trading Standards for more information.

Help prevent the spread of the virus

Staff are being reminded that despite the easing of lockdown, the very basics of infection control and hygiene precautions still matter and still must be followed. 

They remain key to prevent spread of this virus. It is even more important for our frontline staff to remember to keep to these points when they are with people outside work as well as when they are supporting others as part of their work.

While there is no specific guidance on car sharing, car journeys - including those to and from work - should also be planned and happen in line with the latest guidance for your areas. If in doubt on this, please speak to your manager.

If you or a member of your family is Covid-symptomatic you can request a test for the virus. There's more information about that here:


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