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What is scrutiny working on now?

There are a number of ways to keep up to date with what scrutiny are working on now and for the year ahead.

We manage a monthly newsletter to help you keep up to date with our latest work. You can subscribe to receive the update via email. We also write a blog about our work.

The agenda for our Scrutiny Programme Committee is published before each meeting. These include a progress report on all scrutiny activities and a timetable of future meetings.

We also put together an annual work programme. This sets out which topics will be looked at by the scrutiny councillors each year.

Scrutiny Work Programme - 2020 / 2022

New inquiry panel 

Time limited in-depth scrutiny - six months.

  1. Procurement - Previous terms of reference/ key question to be reviewed/ updated. What is the council doing to make sure it procures locally, ethically and greenly while being cost effective and transparent in its practices?
  2. Anti-social behaviour - Terms of reference to be agreed by panel but would focus on how we can reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities, look at factors behind rising anti-social behaviour, inter-agency working, the role of elected members, reporting etc.

Follow up of previous inquiries:

  1. Equalities

New working groups

Light touch scrutiny/ one off meetings

  1. Workforce - How the council supports health and wellbeing of staff, issues around home working, staff sickness, staff turnover, use of agency staff, pressures etc.
  2. Digital inclusion - Follow up on previous discussion around digital transformation, the council's digital inclusion strategy and how well prepared both the council and the public is to use and communicate/ engage via digital technology to avoid exclusion/ poor access etc.
  3. Bus services - Discussion about bus network coverage and levels of service, community transport provision, integration with other forms of transport etc.
  4. Healthy city - Exploration of activities, promotion, particularly physical activities, including provision of outdoor sport and activities and opportunities for young people etc.

Reserve list:

  • Road safety - Hot spots, work to improve safety, preventative measures, speed controls, safety of cycling routes, partnership working etc.
  • Active travel - Are we meeting obligations of Welsh Government Active Travel Act; encouragement of cycling/ walking; particular focus on cycling given experience during pandemic. Are we making the most of opportunities to embed increased cycling etc.
  • Accessibility for the disabled/ elderly - To look into concerns around mobility around city centre and access for example whether there is sufficient curb dropping to help mobility scooters and other facilities to improve access and wellbeing etc.

Performance panels

Ongoing in-depth performance. financial monitoring and challenge.

  1. Service improvement and finance (monthly)
  2. Education (monthly)
  3. Adult services (every 6 weeks)
  4. Child and family services (every 6 weeks)
  5. Development and regeneration (every two months)
  6. Natural environment (every two months)

Specific issues to cover within wider work plans

  • Service improvement and finance
    • Corporate plan - review/ progress
    • Council byelaws
    • Budget scrutiny
    • Performance management
    • Waste management and recycling - including questioning on fly tipping experiences and council activity
    • Welsh Housing Quality Standard
  • Education
    • 21st century schools
    • Additional learning needs
    • Children educated at home
    • Delivery of corporate priorities
    • Remodelled education other than at school provision
  • Adult services
    • Covid-19 and community mental health
    • Delivery of corporate priorities
    • Domestic abuse
  • Child and family services
    • Delivery of corporate priorities
    • Forced marriages - safeguarding issues
  • Development and regeneration
    • City Deal and effects of Covid-19
    • Delivery of corporate priorities
    • Economic regeneration strategy
    • Foreshore developments
    • Historic/ listed buildings
  • Natural environment
    • Climate change
    • Delivery or corporate priorities
    • Environmental Bill 2020 implications
    • Nature conservation - regular monitoring of activity and performance

Issues for scrutiny programme committee

Overall work programme management; discussion of broad range of policy and service issues.

  • Covid-19 council response and recovery plan/ transformation
  • Brexit preparedness

Specific reports:

  • Children and young people's rights scheme
  • Corporate safeguarding
  • Delivery of corporate priority - tackling poverty
  • Homelessness strategy - progress including discussion on young people's supported housing provision
  • Leader question and answer sessions:
    • Brexit
    • Partnership working
    • Great western gateway
  • Other Cabinet Member question and answer sessions:
    Issues to pick up
    • to be confirmed
  • Public services board
  • Crime and disorder (community safety) scrutiny
    • Including community cohesion/ hate crime
  • Wales Audit Office reports
  • Follow up on previous working groups
    • Tourism

Regional scrutiny

  • ERW (Education through regional working)
  • Specific issues to pick up
    • ERW replacement organisation - post April 2021
  • City Deal (Swansea Bay city region joint scrutiny committee)

Equalities Scrutiny Inquiry

The inquiry looked at 'how the Council can improve how it is meeting and embedding the requirements under the Equality Act 2010 (Public Sector Equality Duty for Wales 2011)'.