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Dafydd Williams: malum

Glynn Vivian Exhibition

Dafydd Williams: malum Dafydd Williams, Malum, 2019, Photograph.jpg
2 May 2020 - 30 Aug 2020
This event is free.
Glynn Vivian
This exhibition has been postponed due to the temporary closure of the Gallery. We are currently working with our partners to agree a new date for display. We hope you will be able to join us when we reopen.

Emerging Swansea-based artist Dafydd Williams is interested in symbolism and technique in renaissance paintings, primarily by the Masters Michelangelo and Caravaggio, which are used to critique contemporary gender and sexual structures.

This series of photographs, naturally lit or mimicking natural chiaroscuro lighting, feature Williams and his partner in a contemporary male-male domestic relationship. malum, derived from the Latin word for both 'apple' and 'evil', refers to the historically discriminatory attitude towards sexual difference and the biblical idea of forbidden fruit.

Williams has attempted to highlight the non-sensical argument that homosexuality is a 'modern phenomenon', and in doing so, wishes to debunk or revise Western art history.'

Part of a series of exhibitions programmed in partnership with Swansea Pride, LGBT History Month and generously supported by Art Fund, Friends of Glynn Vivian and the Arts Council of Wales.

Bringing together video installation, photography, painting, video mapping and performance, these exhibitions explore interrelated themes of inclusivity, diversity, gender, language, ideological and political systems and climate change.

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Dafydd Williams

Predominantly working with lens-based media, Williams' practice also uses installation and painting to explore Queer lifestyle and theory. As a gay male artist he is interested in the dynamics between art and activism in raising awareness of historical and contemporary discrimination towards the LGBTQI community and working towards positive social change.

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