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1,000 new energy efficient council homes promised in Swansea

Swansea Council has pledged to build 1,000 new 'low energy' council homes during the next few years.

More Homes

The ambitious plans have been approved by Cabinet as part of the ongoing More Homes project which is already underway in Swansea.

The Council intends to develop further plans to invest around £180m to add an additional 1,000 homes to its existing housing stock. When completed, each 'low energy' home could result in extremely low annual energy bills for those living in them.

A total of 34 new homes are already being developed in two communities in Swansea, including Birchgrove and Blaenymaes.

The new council homes currently under construction are being developed as 'Homes as Power Stations' to the 'Swansea Standard' specification - meaning they all feature ultra-modern energy saving innovations, including ground source heating, battery storage and solar panel-covered roofs.

In 2017, the Council completed the first phase of a new batch of modern, energy efficient 'Passivhaus' homes at Colliers Way.

Alongside the plans to build more council homes, the Council will also continue to support other registered social landlords in Swansea, who between them are planning to develop 4,000 new homes over the next 10 years.

Plans have also recently been submitted for 26 new homes at Hill View/Beacons View - Clase, where construction could start in the Spring.

Additional funding for the new homes has also been secured from the Welsh Government's Innovative Housing Programme scheme and Swansea received £1.5m in the latest settlement.

Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Homes and Energy, said: "Swansea is leading the way in Wales for developing new and innovative social housing for residents.

"We have a number of phases underway in the city which will provide modern housing for those that need it. All of the new homes we develop will be modern and energy efficient, using our own Swansea Standard and should help reduce instances of fuel poverty.

"Our latest pledge, on from the current work programme, is to plan the development of 1,000 new homes over the next few years.

"As well as providing high quality innovative housing for our residents - this plan also enables the Council to make use of our local work force by using our in-house corporate building services. This is helping to provide a significant boost to our local economy."

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