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Trampolining is a great way to keep active. Children can learn to bounce safely and get the most from this fun sport at one of our courses.

Apart from being great fun, bouncing on a trampoline brings a number of very real health and wellbeing benefits including:

  • Balance - trying to bounce in one place on a trampoline means you have to develop a keen sense of balance and awareness of how your body's balance can be adjusted (or compromised) by small movements at the body's extremities.
  • Coordination - closely related to balance is the need to coordinate arm and leg actions, as well as many fast-twitch muscle groups, necessary to form the different shapes and perform the various somersaults and twists.
  • Self-confidence - even those least confident with sports will find it possible to make some progress on the relatively forgiving surface of a trampoline and this progress will help boost confidence.
  • Cardiovascular fitness - bouncing on a trampoline increases the pulse rate and strengthens muscle groups essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.



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