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Old Father Time catches up with Guildhall Tower clock

Time is standing still for one of Swansea's best-known landmarks - the Guildhall Tower clock.


The much-loved clock which has overlooked the city since the 1930s started losing time a couple of weeks ago and the council called in specialist engineers to find out what the matter was.

They quickly discovered that old Father Time had finally caught up with some of the clock's inner workings and they will need to be repaired to get things running on time again.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Delivery and Performance, said: "The clock tower is one of our city's most-loved landmarks and locals and visitors can be reassured that the clock inside will be back up and running as soon as possible.

"The engineers say parts of the mechanism that drive the clock hands have become worn and need replacement. As this is a specialist job, the clock will be out of action for a number of weeks until we can get the repairs completed.

"In the meantime we're setting the hands on each of the clock faces to 12."

The work is being done by one of Britain's top clock companies based in Cumbria. It has looked after some of the nation's most famous large clocks, including those at Salisbury Cathedral, Hampton Court Palace and the country's biggest clock dials on the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool.

A Cumbria Clock Company engineer has removed the worn parts. They're being taken to their workshop where they'll carry out repairs and check the mechanism before coming back and re-fitting it.

The clock was updated with a new automated control system a few years ago so it does not need to be re-set by hand in the Spring and Autumn for the start and finish of British Summer Time.

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