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Help protect lives - report waterside vandals

WATERSIDE vandals are putting lives at risk after 56 rescue aids were stolen from their posts on the River Tawe and the marina area in just 10 months.

Don't drink and drown

Swansea Council's water safety team inspect the sites every fortnight and they're praising local residents who routinely report the thefts.

But as the countdown to the festive season gathers pace, visitors are being urged to go safe in the area, especially if they've been out drinking.

Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Innovation, Regeneration and Tourism, urged residents to report thefts or anyone they spot tampering with the aids to the police.

He said: "It's a criminal offence to tamper with rescue aids and we check CCTV to see if we can identify those responsible. Any evidence will be immediately forwarded to the police for prosecution.

"This kind of vandalism is not fun, it's not a victimless crime and it really can put people's lives at risk. We replace these life-saving aids within 24 hours of them being reported but we'd urge those responsible for this utterly pointless behaviour to simply stop.

"We'll be stepping up our checks and patrols in the countdown to Christmas to deter this kind of behaviour and to replace any missing or damaged equipment."

Cllr Francis-Davies said the council's water safety team has a rigorous approach to checking rescue aids in the Marina area and along the Tawe to help keep people safe.

If you spot a missing water safety aid, please report it to the police or contact the water safety team on 01792 635162 or by email at

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