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Students get help to recycle as new term gets going

Students arriving in Swansea are being targeted in a city-wide campaign to help them get the recycling message.

student recycling

Thousands of students will be moving into accommodation in the city during the coming weeks and Swansea Council has launched its 'Get it Sorted' campaign to provide the new and returning residents with all they need to get them recycling household waste.

More than 1,500 recycling starter packs have been sent to all rented accommodation in the city, including houses in multiple occupation in Uplands and Brynmill.

The packs provide existing students and new ones with all they need to know about their refuse and recycling collection days.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management said: "The first weeks of term for new students coming into the city can be quite daunting and very busy. So we need to do what we can to make it as easy as possible for them to get to grips with services such as recycling.

"The packs we have delivered to HMOs will provide all the info they need to join in with the majority of other residents in Swansea and help us recycle household waste.

"It's also important that students know what days their waste is collected so we can avoid having bags left on streets creating a mess."

"Recycling officers will also be monitoring the streets where the packs have been delivered and will offer further help to student residents if they have spotted pink bags that have been place out on a green week and vice-versa.

"We don't expect all of our newest residents to get it right first time so we want to make sure they have the support to not make mistakes in the future."

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