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Views wanted on new planning guidance for HMOs

Residents and landlords in Swansea can now have their say on new draft planning guidance designed to assist in the future planning of houses in multiple occupation in the city.

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A seven-week public consultation has now started where views can be given on the draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), which can be referred to when its planning officers and members of the Planning Committee make decisions on new HMO planning applications.

The aim of the SPG is to provide additional information on newly adopted HMO planning policies which were recently included in the city's Local Development Plan (LDP).

The new policies within the LDP state that HMO proposals should be refused planning permission if they lead to a concentration level of more than 25 % in the HMO management area (parts of Uplands and Brynmill) and more than 10% in other parts of Swansea.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Delivery, "The latest draft supplementary guidance will help our planning officers and Councillors when they are implementing those policies, enabling us to make sure that HMOs are approved in the right communities."

The new guidance provides additional support when considering factors such as the minimum sizes expected for bedrooms and kitchens for a proposed HMO.

"It's important to recognise that HMOs are a valuable form of housing provision for individuals who are maybe not in a position to buy their own home and want to live with other individuals.

"The new guidance will ensure these type of properties are fit for purpose and provide a comfortable living experience."

The new SPG will also be used when applications for Purpose Built Student Accommodation are considered.

Cllr Hopkins added: "A number of developments are currently ongoing in the city to provide purpose built accommodation for students coming to Swansea. We are keen to see these developments continue so they can complement the existing HMO provision we have in Swansea. This guidance will help ensure they are designed and located in accordance with our planning policies"

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