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Do you have a question for a Cabinet Member?

The Scrutiny Programme Committee holds regular question and answer sessions with Cabinet Members.

Members of the public (who either live or work in Swansea) are welcome to contribute to these sessions.

Please find the list of Q and A sessions booked this year below:

12 Aug 2019Cllr Clive Lloyd - Business Transformation and Performance (Deputy Leader)      
9 Sep 2019Cllr. Andrea Lewis - Homes and Energy
14 Oct 2019Cllr. Jennifer Raynor - Education Improvement, Learning and Skills
11 Nov 2019Cllr. Elliot King and Cllr. Sam Pritchard - Children Services 
9 Dec 2019Cllr. Mark Child - Care, Health and Ageing Well
13 Jan 2020Cllr. Rob Stewart (Leader) - Economy and Strategy
10 Feb 2020Cllr. Mark Thomas - Environment and Infrastructure Management
9 Mar 2020Cllr. Robert Francis-Davies - Investment, Regeneration and Tourism
20 Apr 2020Cllr. Alyson Pugh and Cllr. Andrew Stevens - Better Communities
11 May 2020Cllr. David Hopkins - Delivery

If you would like to ask any of the Cabinet Members a question, please fill in the form below. Make sure to click submit at the bottom of the page once completed.

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