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Swansea's pupils celebrate exams success

GCSE students in Swansea are today celebrating results which are well above those for Wales as a whole.


Swansea has again held up well, with the main indicators all being above the averages for Wales, and most subjects showing results which are better than the national picture.

The figures show 21.2% of city pupils gained A* and A grades in their WJEC exams, which is significantly better than the 18.4% for those in Wales as a whole.

More than 75% of students achieved the higher grades of A* to C in 15 of the 44 different subjects.

Meanwhile, the top grades of A* and A were awarded to over a third of all entrants in 8 subjects.

A total of 97.5% of GCSE examination entries in Swansea were passed (grades A* to G), and tops the Welsh pass rate for 2019 of 97.2%.

Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Education Improvement, Learning and Skills, Cllr Jennifer Raynor, said: "I visited Birchgrove School this morning and I was delighted to see so many happy faces among the pupils and their families and very proud staff.

"These results have been replicated across our schools and I would like to congratulate all our pupils and our teachers.

"I'm really pleased that the pupils have done so well, not just in the GCSEs, but also the wide range of options in many of our schools that lead to important qualifications and allow young people to go on and do what they want in the future."

Swansea GCSE students also surpassed their counterparts in terms of the number of them gaining the higher grades in full course subjects. The figures show 66.8% of entrants here scored A* to C grades, well above the comparable figure for all-Wales for 2019 of 62.8%.

In Swansea, a total of 21396 WJEC full course GCSE entries in summer 2019 were made in 44 different subjects/syllabuses.

In no fewer than 17 of the different subjects/syllabuses, all entrants from Swansea schools achieved grades A* to G - a 100% pass rate. A pass rate of 90% or better was also recorded for almost all other subjects.

In the key core subjects of Welsh First Language, English Language and Mathematics, the Swansea overall results compare very well to the national results.

For Welsh First Language, the Swansea results were A*-A 15.4%, A*-C 71.3% and A*-G 100%. The equivalent all-Wales figures for 2019 for Welsh First Language are 15.8%, 73.1% and 99.3%.

For Mathematics, the Swansea results were A*-A 14.9%, A*-C 57.0% and A*-G 94.2%. The equivalent all-Wales figures for 2019 for Maths are 13.0%, 49.9% and 94.3%.

For Mathematics-Numeracy the Swansea results were A*-A 16.6%, A*-C 60.8% and A*-G 96.1%. The equivalent all-Wales figures for 2019 for Numeracy are 11.9%, 50.5% and 93.9%.

For English Language, the Swansea results were A*-A 14.3%, A*-C 61.2% and A*-G 98.9%. The equivalent all-Wales figures for 2019 for English are 10.7%, 54.7% and 98.4%.

For English Literature, the Swansea results were A*-A 27.4%, A*-C 77.0% and A*-G 99.4%. The equivalent all-Wales figures for 2019 for English Literature are 19.4%, 73.1% and 99.2%.  Results for Welsh Literature were 21.8% A*-A and 77.7% with A*-C, with a 100% pass rate.  (Wales 22.6% and 76.3% respectively).

For the students who entered GCSE exams in the three separate sciences (physics, chemistry and biology), the results were again outstanding. In physics, 92.7% of Swansea students attained A*-C grades (91.1% for Wales). In chemistry the results were 86.1% in Swansea (90.7% Wales) and in biology the results in Swansea were 93.1% (89.4% Wales).

Excellent results were also recorded in History, with 678 entries. 38.5% had A*/A and 78.5% attained A*-C (Wales 30.5% and 70.2%).

Art, music and drama also recorded excellent results, with 82.7% attaining A*-C grades in Art, 81% in Music and 82.4% in Drama.

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