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Pupils take a step back in time for city's 50th anniversary

PUPILS at a school in Swansea have been learning what life was like for young students 50 years ago.


The youngsters at Townhill Primary were visited by Jeffrey Bowen who attended the school in 1969.

He told them about how girls and boys were taught in separate classes, how all lessons were carried out using a chalk board rather than interactive white boards or computers and how pupils faced physical punishment if they were badly behaved.

The present day youngsters then used what they had learned from his talk to write letters to their counterparts 50 years ago explaining what life was like at Townhill Primary today.

These will now be included in a time capsule that will be locked away until 2069 as part of this year's celebrations of Swansea's 50th anniversary as a city.

Year Four teacher Emma Webb said: "The children were thrilled to see all the artefacts Mr Bowen brought in and to compare life in the school in 1969 to how it is today.

"It's been extremely valuable for all of our pupils because they are grateful for how school life has changed and what they have today."

This year has been a special one for Townhill Primary because last term the school received a glowing inspection report from Estyn.

Headteacher Peter Owen said: "We've been delighted to be part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the city and we are thrilled with some of the work that our Year Four children in particular have done."

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