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Elective Home Education - Providing information and support

The LA is not legally obliged to provide any resources for children and young people educated at home

However, we shall:

  • provide advice and support on curriculum matters
  • provide information on organisations which support home educators
  • provide information to access to Careers Wales
  • provide information on how to access support services


The National Autistic Society Cymru is a UK based charity offering support for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. The NAS Cymru website includes everything from the UK website about autism and provides information about services and activities in Wales.

SNAP Cymru

SNAP Cymru is an all Wales children's charity that is available to everybody working with families, young people and professionals on issues regarding additional learning needs and disabilities. SNAP is free to families and offers impartial, accurate information and advice through an independent Family Support Scheme.


The purpose of these guidelines is to support both parents and Swansea Council in carrying out their statutory responsibilities and to encourage good practice by clearly setting out the legislative position, and the roles and responsibilities of the local authority and parents in relation to children who are educated at home.

The LA recognise that there are many approaches to an educational provision, not just a 'school at home' model. What is suitable for one child may not be for another, but all children should be involved in a learning process.

It is important that all parties involved in elective home education are aware of their roles, rights and responsibilities. Our policy is to ensure all guidelines are clear, transparent and easily accessible to parents. All our procedures for dealing with home educating parents and children are equitable, clear, consistent and, non-intrusive, in order to provide a good foundation for the development of trusting relationships.

Further information can be sought from: new window

www.snapcymru.orgOpens new window new window

www.educationotherwise.orgOpens new window

A more comprehensive list is available in the Parent's Guide.

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