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Elective Home Education - Dealing with inadequate provision

Every effort will be made to resolve issues about provision by a process of ongoing dialogue before any formal proceedings are invoked.

If, on considering the educational provision, there are doubts as to whether provision is adequate, the LA may choose to further investigate whether or not an efficient education is being provided. If dialogue fails, a full written report on the LEA's findings will be made and copied to the parents, specifying the grounds for concern and any reasons for concluding that provision is unsuitable.

It may be necessary for the LA to serve a notice on the parents. Under Section 437(1) of the Education Act 1996, the LA can intervene if they have good reason to believe that parents are not providing a suitable education by serving a School Attendance Order. Initially the Local Authority will serve a notice and this will allow a period of at least 15 days for the parents to provide the LA with whatever information we require to satisfy ourselves about the suitability of the education. The parent may choose to do this by meeting with the LA's representative either at home or a mutually agreed venue.

A SAO continues to be in force for as long as the child is of compulsory school age unless it is revoked. Parents may apply for SAOs to be revoked at any time because arrangements have been made for the child to receive education otherwise than at school. The LA must comply with this request unless these arrangements are not suitable.

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