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Elective Home Education - Assessing the efficiency of education provided by the parent

In considering the parents' provision of education the LA may reasonably expect the provision to include the following characteristics.


  • Broad: It should introduce the pupils to a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Balanced: Each part should be allotted sufficient time to make its special contribution but not such that it pushes out other essential parts of the learning.
  • Relevant: Subjects should be taught so as to bring out their application to the pupil's own experience and to adult life and to give due emphasis to practical aspects.
  • Differentiated: What is taught, and how it is taught needs to be matched to the child's abilities and aptitude.

A good curriculum also includes other aspects at an appropriate level such as personal and social education, health education, outdoor and environmental education, citizenship, careers, food technology and information and communication technology (ICT).

Opportunities to mix and relate with other children and adults are considered to be important to a child's personal and social development.


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