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Elective Home Education - Ongoing monitoring

While there is no legal framework for the LA to regularly monitor provision of home education, we are mindful of our wider duties of care, and we will contact parents to discuss their ongoing home education provision.

The first monitoring visit will take place within twelve months of the initial visit. Where there are concerns about the efficiency or suitability of the education being provided for the child, more frequent contact may be required. Where concerns merit frequent contact the EHE Tutor will discuss those concerns with the parents, with a view to helping to improve their provision in the best interests of the child.

When assessing the efficiency and suitability of education provided through home education, the LA will take into account that parents' educational provision will reflect a diversity of approaches and interests. Some parents may wish to provide education in a formal and structured manner, while others may decide to make more informal provisions that are responsive to the developing interests of the child.

Where the education is taking place in the home, we shall, wherever possible, and without placing undue pressure on parents, seek to see the provision at first hand as the learning environment can have a strong bearing on the effectiveness of learning.

The LA does not have the right to insist on seeing education in the home, and in those cases where this is not possible, other arrangements will be made to monitor the provision. We shall seek to meet at a mutually suitable and convenient location.

The LA does not expect parents to teach the National Curriculum, set hours when education is to take place, have a formal timetable or observe school hours, days or terms. The LA respects the rights of parents to choose the best way to educate their child to enable them to reach their potential. There is no specific form of education; children learn in many ways, at different rates and from a range of people. Education does not always have to follow a set pattern of 'lessons' or even a timetable. However, it is good to identify your long term plans and the ways in which you intend to achieve them.

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