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Local Development Plan approved for Swansea

A long term plan which sets out how and what land is used for in Swansea has been approved.

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Swansea Council's Local Development Plan (LDP) will now be the key document referred to when decisions on development proposals are taken forward.

The plan is the culmination of more than six years of work by the Council who, along with other council in Wales, must produce a long term plan developing land.

The detailed plan sets out where major housing developments will be sited in a bid to cope with expanding population growth in years to come.

Strategic sites for commercial development, along with proposals for community facilities are also featured in the LDP, with sites earmarked throughout Swansea.

David Hopkins, Cabinet Member for Delivery, said: "The council has been working hard on preparing the LDP for the last six years. We've gone through a number of specific drafts and the public consultations have resulted in a huge amount of valuable feedback which has helped strengthen the document.

"I'm delighted we have now approved this important document which will give us clear guidance when planning applications are being considered.

"The emphasis of the plan is to address the needs of this city in terms of taking it forward as a modern developing city - where important factors like expanding populations and increases in business development are at the heart of it.

"Over the period of the plan we will be looking to develop around 17,000 new homes and create more than 13,000 new jobs.

Recently, one of the strategic sites featured in the plan was given approval to enable a site in the north of the city to develop up to 1,950 new homes, along with new primary school facilities, link roads, community facilities including sports and public open spaces.

Cllr Hopkins added: "Our assessments on population growth mean that we have to make provision for large numbers of housing, effectively creating new communities. It's important that the public appreciates this is not just about housing. To ensure these new communities can exist, the plans also need to consider important elements such as new schools, highway improvements and leisure space.

"All the strategic sites will feature similar requirements so that the city can expand in the right way and Swansea can grow as a modern city.

"I would also like to thank planning officers in the Council who have worked extremely hard on this important document for a number of years. Their expertise has ensured we have been able to approve a detailed and sound planning document which will benefit Swansea and help it develop further."

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