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Pupils up for award for anti-bullying drive

PUPILS at a Swansea comprehensive know there is always a friendly face to turn to if they or a fellow student is being bullied.


A group of Year 10 student ambassadors at Bishop Vaughan Catholic School have worked with staff to set-up a pupil-led support group, called TEN (This Ends Now), which is there to help all youngsters should they ever need it.

During break-times and lunchtimes a designated quiet space within the school has been set up and is manned by members of the support group and by school staff in recognition that it is sometimes the reporting of bullying that is the hardest part.

The initiative has proved highly successful and it is one of a number of anti-bullying initiatives that TEN has introduced that have now seen the pupils nominated for a national award.

Pupils recently recorded a short video to share their message in partnership with Safer Swansea Anti-Bullying Campaign and Heart Radio.

Short, punchy and delivered by students, it has a clear message that bullying need not continue and there  is support available.

TEN have been nominated by the High Sheriff of West Glamorgan for a national Crime Beat award in recognition of their efforts to support the Safer Swansea Anti-Bullying campaign.

Acting Headteacher Emma Pole said: "At the TEN group  pupils can report anything for themselves or for a friend and know that this information will only be passed on to a trusted adult who can help and support.

"This is an excellent example of pupils actively supporting the school's anti-bullying message and the Catholic Christian ethos of our school.

"At Bishop Vaughan we help to shape responsible citizens for now and for the future and we are delighted to see the pupils' determination to work towards the collective good of our school and society. All in the Bishop Vaughan community are very proud of their efforts."

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