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Key themes and objectives of SBFLAG

From the findings identified as part of the Fishing Industry Research Study in 2015 and the feedback from consultation with stakeholders in early September 2016 a series of key issues emerged.

These key issues have been grouped around five themes, which also provides the context for the objectives agreed by the SBFLAG set out under Section 3 which are aligned to the aims and objectives outlined within Union Priority 4 of the EMFF Operational Programme. 

Key themes

Theme 1: Adding value, creating jobs, attracting young people and promoting innovations at all stage of the supply chain of fishery and aquaculture products

Objective 1:  Improve links with other local food and other producers

Objective 2:  Achieve better links with schools and colleges to encourage young people to help develop the sector

Objective 3:  Support delivery of small-scale infrastructure projects to encourage sustainable growth of the industry

Objective 4:  Creation of opportunities for networking, marketing and promotion of local industry, including supply-chain opportunities.

Objective 5:  Provision of support for trying out new processes or adding value to products to help small companies in the fishing industry to grow


Theme 2: Supporting diversification inside or outside commercial fisheries, lifelong learning and job creation in fisheries and aquaculture areas

Objective 6:  Support for business to identify and diversification opportunities and re-skill within or outside the sector. 

Objective 7:  Provision of opportunities to develop the tourism sector linked to local fisheries, including pescatourism, eco-tourism and tourist facilities.


Theme 3: Enhancing and capitalising on the environmental assets of the fisheries and aquaculture areas, including operations to mitigate climate change

Objective 8:  Identification and development of alternative sources of income for the fishing industry such as renewable energy.

Objective 9:  Making the most of the local natural environment

Objective 10:  Sustainable and balanced development of the heritage and tourism aspects of the coastline.


Theme 4: Promoting social well-being and cultural heritage in fisheries and aquaculture areas, including fisheries, aquaculture and maritime cultural heritage

Objective 11:  Support for the promotion of cultural heritage, aquaculture and maritime interests


Theme 5: Local development and the governance of local fisheries resources and maritime activities

Objective 12:  To further engage communities and local representatives to support and promote the local industry

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