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Top tips for parents / carers when attending a review for your child

Be prepared

Before the school meeting /review

Do I know:

  • Where the meeting is? (Route, parking etc)
  • The time? (When? How long will it last?)
  • Who will be there?
  • Why it is happening?
  • What I want to achieve?
  • What outcomes might others want?
  • How am I feeling - how might I behave?
  • How are others feeling - how might they behave?
  • Have I written down all the questions I want to ask?
  • Have I got all the information and paperwork I need?
  • Will someone be taking notes? (Possibly a partner or friend)
  • Do I want someone to go with me? (A partner, friend etc)
  • Have i got the views of my child or will my child be there?

After the meeting?

  • Have I understood everything that was said? (It may be helpful to confirm this by email or letter with the school).
  • Am I happy with the way things have gone?
  • Do I feel that agreements have been reached that we can all stick to?
  • Does everyone know what they are doing next?
  • What am I doing next?
  • Is someone co-ordinating action?
  • Will I get notes or minutes of the meeting?
  • If it is an Annual Review meeting, will I see the Annual Review form before it is sent to the local authority?
  • When are we going to review progress?


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