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New site to help people thinking of adopting

A BRAND new resource is now available for people who are looking to adopt children in Swansea and the surrounding area.


The percentage of children placed for adoption by Swansea Council's Child and Family Services is very small but like everywhere else in the UK more adopters are needed.

The council is part of Western Bay and its adoption service has developed a whole new website aimed at increasing awareness of adoption, making the initial inquiry process as easy as possible and clearly outlining the process.

Some people think that adopting is long and drawn out, which is not the case, and the site has information to dispel many of the myths that still surround adoption including single adopters, older enquiries, same sex applicants and income.

It also outlines the ongoing support that is provided.

The site has been developed in close collaboration with existing adopters, drawing on their experiences and views as to how the process can be made as straightforward as possible.

Cllr Elliott King, Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Children's Services, said: "The Western Bay Adoption Service knows about all the children waiting for new families within our three county boroughs and aims to ensure that children are linked and matched with the families who can best meet their needs.

"I'm really impressed by the new online resource and would encourage anyone thinking of adopting to have a look as it contains a lot of really useful information while at the same time being really easy to use.

"All kinds of people adopt. What matters most is their ability to look after a child and provide a safe and stable home throughout their childhood and beyond."

Western Bay Adoption is looking for adopters for a wide age range of children from babies right up to children of 8 years old.

Every inquiry is dealt with on an individual basis and begins with an informal chat with one of their experienced social workers.

Cllr King added: "The qualities needed to be an adoptive parent are the same as any other parent. You just need confidence that you have what it takes.

"Basically, you will need to give your adopted child love, stability and the security of family life - something they might not have experienced before."

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