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Brother's BBQ plea after toddler burned on beach

THE older brother of a two-year-old badly burned by a discarded disposable BBQ is joining the campaign urging beach-goers to take their waste home with them.


Harri Clarkson's mum Laura has recorded a video from her sons who don't want anyone else to go through what Harri has experienced and now the message has been placed on social media.

Oscar's plea is being supported by Swansea Council which is urging people heading for the beach this summer to take their rubbish home with them.

Little Harri suffered burns to his feet and legs after stepping on a disposable BBQ which had been buried just under the surface at Caswell Bay in June.

He's recovering but both his mum and his brother are campaigning for other people to wake up and understand littering beaches with disposable BBQs is simply not on.

For the busy summer months the council has been stepping-up beach litter collections, increasing the number of bins available and intensifying the number of visits by enforcement officers to the beaches it manages.

But in his message Oscar says: "My baby brother Harri went on the beach and burnt his feet on some barbecue coals.

And little brother Harri adds: "If you barbecue on the beach, put it in the bin!"

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment, said he couldn't agree more with the Clarkson brothers and their parents.

He said: "What's happened to Harri is awful. Five of our most popular beaches - including Caswell - have special BBQ bins where people can safely dispose of them. But the fact is that there is no excuse to dump them on any beach thinking it's OK.

"The council does not dump litter on beaches, people do. They do it because either they don't care or because they can't be bothered to do the right thing.

"It's incredible that simply due to some idiot's utter laziness, Harri has been hurt. It's just shameful.

"Absolutely the worst thing anyone can do with a disposable BBQ or any other beach litter is to bury it in the sand. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Yes, we have bins in place, yes there are signs on beaches warning about litter and yes the council is actively cleaning-up beaches.

"On top of that we also work closely with RNLI beach lifeguards to ram the beach litter message home and we send enforcement officers to beaches as a deterrent.

"But whatever people bring to the beach with them, they are responsible for taking home.

"We're hoping people should listen to what Harri and his brother say and do the right thing every time."

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