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Lifelong Learning - Improvers IT workshop

Group led workshop sessions provided for those who wish to better understand and get more out of using their computers (PC/Tablet).

These workshops will provide group learning opportunities, based on a standard selection of learning topics and activities that are chosen by the group.

Typical learning may include:

  • Operating and maintaining computers.
  • Internet, PC and Tablet/iPad security.
  • Using Microsoft Office packages.
  • Carrying out Internet browsing and searches.
  • PC and Tablet/iPad housekeeping, files and folder management.
  • Setting up and using online and email accounts.
  • Different types of document and file formats (eg. PDF, DOC, RTF).
  • Printing.

Additional group agreed learning needs may be identified during the workshops and these will be addressed, where possible, within the workshop sessions.

Suitable for: The workshops are suitable for those who are familiar with the basics of using a computer or a tablet PC (Android or iPad), or have already attended a basic IT course, and wish to develop their skills in an informal learning workshop.

Duration: 5 weeks.

Course fee: £21 per 5 weeks full fee / £15 per 5 weeks concessionary fee.

What you will need

PCs are available for use in the classrooms, but if you choose to bring your own laptop computer or tablet PC, it must be fully charged and used on battery when in class. A memory stick may also be useful. A notebook and pen will be helpful for recording notes.

Course date

Course time

Course venue

Course tutor

Course code

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Tuesday 1 October 20199.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy HullingCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Tuesday 12 November 20199.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy Hulling2092
Tuesday 14 January 20209.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy Hulling2093
Tuesday 25 February 20209.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy Hulling2094COURSE CANCELLED
Tuesday 21 April 20209.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy Hulling2095COURSE CANCELLED
Tuesday 2 June 20209.30am - 11.30amMontana Park Community CentreAndy Hulling2096COURSE CANCELLED


Friday 4 October 20199.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith MorganCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Friday 15 November 20199.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith Morgan2102
Friday 17 January 20209.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith Morgan2103
Friday 28 February 20209.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith Morgan2104
Friday 24 April 20209.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith Morgan2105
Friday 5 June 20209.30am - 11.30amCanolfan y BontKeith Morgan2106


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