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Lifelong Learning - PC beginners stage 1 (S1)

A 10 week course aimed at developing the skills of IT learners who currently have limited experience in using computers.

This course will take you through the basics of computers and their uses. You will develop a better understanding of your computer, the desktop, basic mouse and keyboard techniques, basic file management, email usage and basic internet shopping. You will learn to use your computer more confidently.

Some key elements of the course include:

  • Switching on and getting started.
  • Using your mouse and knowing your desktop.
  • Digital responsibility and online safety.
  • Setting up accounts for emails and online services.
  • Browsing the web and accessing media sites such as YouTube, Google Images etc.
  • Basic word processing skills.

Suitable for: This course is an ideal follow on from the Get Swansea online 5 week Free computer courses for beginners, but equally suitable for those with limited experience who wish to learn to use their computers more confidently.

Duration: 10 weeks.

Course fee: No charge.

What you will need

Computers will be available for the course. All resources for printing will be provided. You will need a memory stick. A notebook and pen will be helpful for recording notes.

Course date

Course time

Course venue

Course tutor

Course code

Apply online

Monday 30 September 201911.30am - 1.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aAndy HullingCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Thursday 3 October 201911.45am - 1.45pmCREST, CwmbwrlaGraham PowersCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Wednesday 15 January 20209.30am - 11.30amTBCGraham PowersCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list
Thursday 23 April 20204.30pm - 6.30pmCivic Centre IT Suite, Room 2.1.17aNathalie SalomonCOURSE FULLJoin waiting list


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