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Leave only footprints when you go to the beach

Beach visitors are being urged to leave only footprints in the sand when they visit the seaside over the coming weeks.


Thanks to the warmest June on record with more to come ahead of the school holidays, beaches across the Swansea area have been the go-to place to cool off.

But visitors are being urged to take their waste home with them so other users don't get caught out by buried cans, bottles and disposable barbecues.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: "Everyone's got a responsibility to take their rubbish home with them. What they carry to the beach they can take away too.

"We're particularly concerned about disposable barbecues. Anyone who thinks it's OK to pour water on used ones and then bury them in the sand is absolutely wrong. It's littering, pure and simple.

"But, worse than that, they're a risk to other beach-users who could end up suffering serious burns by stepping on used BBQs concealed just below the surface.

"We've set up special BBQ bins near the 360 on Swansea Bay and there's more at Langland, Rotherslade and Caswell. Our message to people is that if you can't think of a way of disposing of them carefully, just don't bring them to the beach."

Swansea Council plays its part in keeping beaches clean by hand litter-picking every day during the summer season. It also provides extra temporary litter collection bins and more frequent bin-emptying services. Nevertheless, at the end of a day on the beach, bins can sometimes be overwhelmed.

In such cases beach-goers should act responsibly and take their waste home with them rather than leave it behind. Ultimately, the public are responsible for suitably disposing of the litter and waste they make.

In addition to these measures the council works closely with RNLI beach lifeguards during the summer season to ensure people get appropriate advice on what to do with their litter.

Cllr Thomas said: "The council spends £2m a year keeping the city clean. Our littering team also visit schools and clubs and support resident groups who want to set up their own litter collection arrangements.

"But we need to be clear. If people did not leave their litter behind, others would not run the risk of injury from broken bottles, sharp-edged cans or used-up disposable BBQs.

"Our teams are doing their best to keep beaches spic and span for the summer. Beach-goers themselves need to pitch in, take personal responsibility and play their part too."

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