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Trade exchanges

More and more companies are trade exchanging and benefiting both organisations. This is a new found financial and marketing tool to accomplish specific goals and objectives.

Vehicle trade exchange example

The net effect of a trade exchange is that it can increase sales and conserve cash flow at the same time, as well as giving your company the competitive edge. Instead of a cash or invoice transaction it is an exchange of products or services.

Swansea Council works with numerous other companies and both parties enjoy the trade benefits.

We would welcome local, regional and national companies as a trade exchange partner.

Examples of trade exchanges

  • Building supplies and tools
  • Vehicles
  • Traffic management
  • Event provisions
  • Print and stationary supplies
  • Hospitality and entertainment

There are a number of trade exchanges desirable to a number of sections of Swansea Council:

  • Vehicles
  • Catering for events/ hospitality
  • Traffic management/ road blocks.


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