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Swansea bus station

Swansea bus station is a prominent hub of activity in the city centre and attracts thousands of commuters, shoppers and visitors every day.

  • 100% of all bus routes either start or finish there.
  • Over 15 million visitors pass through every year.
  • It is open 24 hours but the central core of active foot flow is between 6.30am and 11.30pm every day.
  • Over 2000 buses arrive and depart daily.
  • National and local retailers are located in adjoining shopping centre.
  • National and local restaurants and public houses are within 2 minutes walking distance.
  • National Waterfront Museum, the LC and Swansea Museum are within a 5 minute walk.

Advertising in Swansea bus station provides great value, eye catching city centre advertising to over 280,000 people every week (research October 2017) in the heart of the city.

Advertising here will enable your advert to reach 40,000 people every day (research October 2017) from across Swansea and beyond.

Content of copy must have prior approval by Swansea Council prior to print. We regret we cannot accept any advertising relating to alcohol or tobacco or anything else that may conflict with Swansea Council.

Advertiser to provide:

  • Confirmation
  • Completed poster
  • Investment.
  • Graphic design and print available, price on application.


6 sheet wall posters

Innovative, eye catching and lasting impact.

60cm wide x 100cm long (portrait).

High impact posters dominating the high footfall concourse areas (40,000 visitors a day on average - October 2017).

Dimensions 703mm wide x 1042mm high portrait frames with visible area of 600mm wide x 1000mm high.

Fantastic opportunity to promote your business ahead of your competition and get in front of 36,000 people daily.

Weekly booking £80 per week (excluding agency commission and VAT).

Swansea council to supply:

  • 703mm wide x 1042mm high portrait secure tamper proof poster display frame.
  • Insertion of poster into secure tamper proof poster display frame.
  • Photo evidence (if required)
  • Option to produce and deliver advertisers completed artwork by in-house studio Design Print at cost to advertiser.


Screen advertising

  • 23 high tech information screens above every departure bay.
  • On average 40,000 passengers and visitors daily (research October 2017).

With 23 electronic departure information screens, all situated above each of the 23 departure bays so located in an incredibly high footfall are and being viewed constantly through the day, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week your advert will sure to be seen.

We are able to upload adverts into the departure screens so that they will be displayed in rotation of 25 x 10 second adverts per hour over a minimum of 12 hours -= 300 per day with a duration of 2 days = 2100 displays per screen.

Concourse screen choice of:

12 screens - A, C, E, G, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X
25,200 x 10 second adverts per week
Investment £100 per week (plus VAT)

11 screens - B, D, F, H, K, M, O, Q, S, U, W
23,100 x 10 second adverts per week
Investment £90 per week (plus VAT)

All 23 screens
Investment £200 per week (plus VAT)
Minimum booking 2 weeks

The screen size is 1366 pixels by 768 pixels (16:9 ratio)

Camera ready artwork to be supplied in RGB jpeg, jpg, bmp, png slide format.


Washroom poster narrowcast advertising

  • Totally unavoidable and visible seven days a week.
  • Option to be gender specific.
  • 21 x A4 size tamper proof frames with a plastic screen.

Swansea council to supply:

  • A4 (portrait) 297mm x 210mm frames and insertion of posters
  • Photo evidence (if required)

Advertiser can change copy as frequent or infrequently as required.

Advertising options

Option 1 - Female washrooms: 8 x A4 on cubicle doors, 1 x A4 on cubicle door of female disabled toilet, 2 x A4 on door of each baby changing room.

4 weeks, 11 posters @ £55 per week = £220 plus VAT
13 weeks, 11 posters @ £50 per week = £650 plus VAT
26 weeks, 11 posters @ £45 per week = £1,170 plus VAT
52 weeks, 11 posters @ £40 per week = £2,080 plus VAT

Option 2 - Male washrooms: 4 x A4 on cubicle doors, 5 x A4 above urinals and 1 x A4 on cubicle door of male disabled toilet.

4 weeks, 10 posters @ £50 per week = £200 plus VAT
13 weeks, 10 posters @ £45 per week = £585 plus VAT
26 weeks, 10 posters @ £40 per week = £1,040 plus VAT
52 weeks, 10 posters @ £35 per week = £1,820 plus VAT

Option 3 - Female and male washrooms (both option 1 and option 2)

4 weeks, 21 posters = £400 plus VAT
13 weeks, 21 posters = £1,175 plus VAT
26 weeks, 21 posters = £2,150 plus VAT
52 weeks, 21 posters = £3,750 plus VAT

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