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Would you like to raise an issue to scrutiny?

All persons who live or work in the City & County of Swansea can make a request for scrutiny on matters of local concern.

Request for scrutiny should be made to the Council's Scrutiny Support Team, in writing:

Scrutiny Support Team
Gloucester Room


The request should cover the following:

  1. What is the problem or nature of concern?
  2. Which areas or community groups are affected?
  3. What would help solve the problem?
  4. What other avenues have you already explored?
  5. Why you think the issue should be looked at by scrutiny / what would you like scrutiny to do?

A request may be rejected on the following grounds:

  1. It is frivolous, defamatory, discriminatory, vexatious, inappropriate or unreasonable
  2. It relates to a quasi-judicial matter (e.g. specific planning, licensing application) or decision that has its own statutory appeals process
  3. The matter has already been considered by scrutiny or is being addressed
  4. The matter is or has recently been the subject of legal action or being examined by a formal complaints process
  5. The person making the request has a clear and substantial personal interest in the matter
  6. The matter does not have wide impact on the local community
  7. The matter represents a personal grievance or commercial issue
  8. The issue of concern and/or role of scrutiny is not clear
  9. There is limited time and resources to deal with the matter
  10. The matter may be more appropriately addressed by a body other than scrutiny

Requests will be referred to the chair of the Scrutiny Programme Committee who will consider the request and bring a proposal about how to deal with the request to the next available committee meeting for consideration.

The chair of the Scrutiny Programme Committee may invite the person making the request or other relevant persons to attend the committee to present their views.

Taking into account relevant views, the committee may choose to:

  1. include the matter in its work programme
  2. refer the matter elsewhere
  3. take no action

The committee will provide full feedback as to its decision to the person who submitted the original request, together with a rationale for the course of action adopted.

Where the committee has agreed to include the matter in its work programme it may choose to call members and officers to attend a meeting and answer questions, call for a report into the matter, instigate an inquiry, or make recommendations to the relevant decision making body.

Advice about making a request or further information about the scrutiny process can be obtained from the council's Scrutiny Support Team by email: or telephone: 01792 637732.

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