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Kingsway redevelopment plans reach next stage

A dedicated bus lane stretching along Swansea's Kingsway will close from Monday November 13.

Kingsway redevelopment

The closure is part of Swansea Council's efforts to revitalise the city centre route which is set for a £12 million transformation and will help create a more people-friendly environment.

Works have already been completed to enable the closure of the metro track to take place.

During the latest phase, motorists including buses, travelling along Orchard Street, will use the existing metro track instead of the main road.

All traffic will then switch to the main road when it approaches the Kingsway and the metro track will be closed.

The latest changes will also mean safety barriers along the Kingsway can be removed.

Additional works will include the introduction of a roundabout at the western end of the Kingsway at the junction with St Helen's Road.

The redevelopment of the Kingsway will assist in the creation of the new Digital District funded as part of the £1.3bn City Deal.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Services, said: "The main transformation of the Kingsway will commence in 2018 but ahead of that we need to carry out preliminary works.

"The main challenge is closing the old metro track and transferring buses onto the main carriageway. Once this has been achieved we can then look at the permanent works which will be carried out along the metro track. This can all be done without impacting on the traffic that flows along the Kingsway."

The Council approved the Kingsway redevelopment in March this year and the route will form part of the wider plans to create a digital district in the city centre.

Once all of the works are complete the one way systems will be discontinued and new more direct routes from east to west will be re-established.

Rob Stewart, Leader of Swansea Council, said: "We want to transform the city centre into a vibrant and bustling centre for business and leisure. The investment we are making is to ensure the new Kingsway is of a high quality to match the new city centre we are building.

"We need to create the right environment to attract investment by redeveloping the Kingsway area ahead of creation of the planned digital district which will bring new investment and jobs as part of the City Deal.

"We will green large parts of the city centre to create new public areas where people can sit, eat and relax. We'll use contemporary design to enable public events, parades and gatherings to take place.

"This will be the largest creation of new public leisure space in the city for decades.

"This will help to attract jobs and investment and to support the new city centre we are building, and also importantly simplify traffic flows across the city centre and make it easier for people to get from east to west."

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