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Welsh medium schools are showing off their work

Visitors to Swansea's Civic Centre this week can get a snapshot of some of the great work pupils are doing at the city's Welsh-language schools.


This year they have been using the 2017 Year of Legends campaign run in Wales as part of their studies across the curriculum.

An exhibition made up of part of this work is on display at the centre until October 17.

It comes as the schools continue to work to encourage more people across Swansea to speak Welsh as they go about their daily activities.

Twelve months ago the schools all worked together to launch the Tafod Tawe Language Charter.

The first of its kind in Swansea, the aim is to inspire children and young people in Swansea to use Welsh in every aspect of their lives and make 

them realise that there are benefits educationally, socially, economically and culturally, to being bilingual.

The schools worked together to produce an action plan and relevant targets.

For example, pupils were encouraged to speak Welsh to each other in the playground, in the corridors and at lunch, and with all teachers and school staff outside of their lessons.

They were also encouraged to use the language more in a variety of social situations outside school, as well as listening to more Welsh-language music, watching Welsh-language television and DVDs.

After the launch of the Charter there was a strengthening of the relationship between the Urdd and Menter organisations, the local universities, local businesses and Swansea Council to provide more opportunities for the pupils to speak Welsh.

The background to the initiative is the Welsh Government's bid to achieve one million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050.

There has been a big increase in the number of pupils being taught through the medium of Welsh in Swansea.

Now more than 400 Year 2 pupils (aged seven) are taught through the medium of Welsh, up 30% on five years ago.

There has also been a big increase in the number of pupils in English medium comprehensives in Swansea taking the Full Course Welsh Second Language GCSE with 672 pupils on the course in last school year compared with 426 the year before.

Cllr Jennifer Raynor said: "Thanks to the great work taking place around The Tafod Tawe Language Charter pupils' pride and positive attitude to the Welsh language has been reinforced and strengthened.

"All our Welsh primary and secondary schools have successfully achieved the Bronze Award and this year will be working towards targets to achieve the Silver Award.

"The work that is on display in the Civic Centre is just a snapshot of some of the learning that is taking place in our Welsh medium schools and it is well worth visitors to the centre stopping to have a look."

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