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Parking enforcement car helping to tackle problem parking in Swansea

The launch of a parking enforcement camera car in Swansea has been hailed a success in changing motorists parking habits.

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Figures released by Swansea Council have shown that the number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued by the car have almost halved in its second year of operation compared to the first year.

The Council launched the camera enforcement car in 2015 in a bid to tackle parking issues outside schools and in bus stops.

During the first year (2015/16) of operation, 8,144 PCNs were issued. In 2016/17 the total figure has dropped to 4,903.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Services, said: "The vehicle was launched as a direct result of regular complaints to us about bus stops being obstructed by cars that are illegally parked, especially on main bus routes leaving the city centre.

"Children's lives are also regularly being put at risk by inconsiderate parents who park on the zig-zags outside school gates.

"The latest statistics show a decrease in how many tickets were issued in the second year - even though we have not reduced the number of patrols.

"This reduction suggests that motorists are taking heed of the enforcement measures and are doing the right thing by not parking illegally.

"Our aim is not to generate income from this service. It is to try and change motorists parking habits and we believe we are having some success.

The camera car has also been welcomed by public transport operators and local head teachers who are seeing the benefits of the vehicle.

Jonathan Atter, Headteacher of Gwyrosydd Primary School, said: "The enforcement van has been a positive addition to ensure the safety of children on their way home from school. 

"There are too many thoughtless drivers who park illegally and endanger the lives of children as they go to and from school. Some of these drivers ignore requests and even defy direction from heads and PCSOs. 

"The camera van enables us to show people that we are serious when we say their actions have consequences. I believe it's making more people think about where they park and the message is clear that if you don't you can expect a fine."

Following the launch of the vehicle, Justin Davies, Managing Director, First Cymru. said: "We welcome the effort the Council is making to clamp down on those selfish motorists who park in bus stops."

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