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Wales Planning Policy and Guidance ('WPP')

WPP01  Circular letters (WG)

WPP02  Creating an Active Wales (2010)

WPP03  Dear Chief Planning officers (CPOs) letters

WPP04  Economic renewal: A new direction (2010)

WPP05  Environmental Strategy for Wales (2006)

WPP06  Minerals Technical Advice Notes

WPP07  Ministerial Interim Minerals Planning Policy Statements

WPP08  National Waste Strategy for Wales -Towards Zero Waste (2010)

WPP09  One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Transport Strategy (2008) & Appendices

WPP10  Planning Policy Wales (July 2014) superseded by PPW9 - (WPP11)

WPP11 Planning Policy Wales Edition 9 (17.11.16) 

WPP12  Development Management Manual (17.11.16)

WPP13  PPW Chapter 2 Local Development Plans (August 2015) pdf

WPP14  Policy Clarification Letters (WG)

WPP15 Rural Development Plan Wales (2014 - 2020)

WPP16  Technical Advice Notes 

WPP17 New Technical Advice Note (TAN) 24: The Historic Environment and accompanying guidance: 

WPP18a  The Wales National Transport Plan (2010) 

WPP18b The Wales National Transport Finance Plan (2015) 

WPP19 Wales Transport Strategy (2008)

WPP20  The Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (2014)

WPP21 Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan)(Wales) Regulations 2005

WPP22  Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan)(Wales)(Amendment) Regulations 2015

WPP23 Wales Spatial Plan (2008 Update)

WPP24  Welsh Health Survey (WG)


WPP25 National Housing Strategy 'Improving Lives and Communities - Homes in Wales, Welsh Government (April 2010)

WPP26  PDF Document WPP26 Statutory Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Housing (Wales) (2006) (PDF, 231KB)Opens new window

WPP27 Strategy for Older People in Wales (2013)

WPP28 Meeting the Housing Challenge: Building a Consensus for Action (2011)

WPP29 Local Housing Market Assessment Guide (WG) (2006)

WPP30 Housing Need and Demand in Wales 2006-2026 (Holmans & Monk) (WG 2010)

WPP31 Housing (Wales) Act (2014)

Affordable Housing

WPP32 Delivering Affordable Housing Using S106 Agreements (2009)

WPP33 The Affordable Housing Toolkit (WG 2006)

Gypsies & Travellers

WPP34 WAG Circular 30/2007: Planning for Gypsy & Traveller Caravan Sites (WG Dec 2007)

WPP35 Travelling to a Better Future - A Gypsy and Traveller Framework for Action and Delivery Plan (WG September 2011)

WPP36 Good Practice Guide in Managing Gypsy Traveller Sites in Wales (2009) & Managing Gypsy and Traveller Sites (2015)

WPP37 Good Practice Guide in Designing Traveller Sites in Wales (2009) & Designing Gypsy and Traveller Sites (2015)  

Open Space

WPP38 Climbing Higher: Strategy for Sport (WG January 2005)

WPP39 A Walking and Cycling Action Plan for Wales (WG 2009-2013)

WPP40 The Physical Action Plan: Creating an Active Wales (2010)

WPP41 Children and Family's (Wales) Measure (2010)

WPP42 The Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 (Play Sufficiency Assessment) Regulations 2012

WPP43 Guidance to LAs on Assessing for Sufficient Play Opportunities for Children - Consultation 2012

Play Sufficiency Assessment - Toolkit (2015) 

WPP44 Wales - A Play Friendly Country : Statutory Guidance (WG July 2014)

Economy & Employment

WPP45  PDF Document Wales: A Better Country (WG 2003) (PDF, 275KB)Opens new window

WPP46 Employment Land Review - CPO letter (Sep 2015)

WPP47 Employment Land Review - Practice Guidance (WG & Peter Brett Associates Aug 2015)

WPP48 Economic Renewal: A New Direction (WG 2010)

WPP49 Vibrant and Viable Places (WG 2013)

WPP50 City Regions Final Report (WG 2012) 

WPP50.1 Statutory Guidance to Welsh Local Authorities on the Power to promote or improve Economic, Social or Environmental Well-Being under the Local Government Act 2000 (WG April 2003) 


WPP51 National Minerals Map of Wales (WG 2009)

WPP52 Aggregate Safeguarding Map of Wales (WG 2012)

Renewable & Low Carbon Energy 

WPP53 Climate Strategy for Wales (WG 2010)

WPP54 Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy - A Toolkit for Planners (WG 2015)

WPP55 Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy - CPO Letter (Sep 2015) 

WPP56 Planning Implications of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy (WG 2011)


WPP57 'Towards Zero Waste' (TZW) One Wales: One Planet - The Overarching Waste Strategy for Wales (2010)

WPP58 'Towards Zero Waste' Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector (CIMS) Plan (2012)


WPP59  Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013

WPP60 A Walking and Cycling Action Plan for Wales (2009-2013)

WPP61 Draft National Transport Plan 2015 (WG)

WPP62 One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Freight Strategy (WG 2008)

WPP63 One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Transport Strategy (WG 2008)

Urban Design

WPP64 Good Design and the Local Development Plan Process, DCfW 2014

Welsh Language

WPP65 A Living Language: A Language for Living (Welsh Language Strategy (WG 2012-2017)

LDP Procedural Guidance

WPP66 CL-01-09: Local Development Plans - Important Guidance on Procedure for Advertising Focussed Changes to the Deposit LDP

WPP67 CL-01-10: Local Development Plans - Sustainability Appraisal Procedure Incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment for Site Allocation Representations

WPP68 CL-01-11: Local Development Plans - Sustainability Appraisal Procedure for Alternative Site Representations

WPP69 LDP Service Level Agreement between PINS and LA's (PINs Wales Sep-10)

WPP70 LDPs: Preparing for submission - Guidance for LPAs (PINs Wales August 2015)

WPP71 Letter: Local Development Plans - Alternative Sites (July 2013)

WPP72 Link to Local Development Plan Webpages (Guidance & Advice) (PINs Wales Sep-12)

WPP73 Local Development Plan Examinations - Procedure Guidance (PINs Wales August 2015)

WPP74 Local Development Plan Manual - Edition 2 - August 2015 (Pins)

WPP75 Local Development Plan Manual (WG June 2006) 

WPP76 Local Development Plans Wales: Policy on Preparation of LDPs (WG December 2005)

WPP77 Planning Your Community: A Guide to Local Development Plans (WG July 2006)


WPP78 Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015

WG Guidance:

  • The essentials
  • The Wales we want by 2050 - A Welsh society's commitment to a better quality of life for future generations
  • Easy Read - A Guide to the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act
  • A guide for young people - Well-being of Future Generations Act

WPP79 Planning (Wales) Act 2015 

WPP80  PDF Document CSS Wales Parking Standards 2008 (SEWTA)  (PDF, 538KB)Opens new window

WPP81 Environment (Wales) Act 2016 (WG March 2016)

WPP82 The Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2016 (WG, March 2016)

WPP83 Planning Performance Framework (WG, August 2016)

WPP84 Annual Performance Report (WG, January 2017)

WPP85 Longitudinal Viability Study of the Planning Process (WG, January 2017)

WPP86 Letter to Heads of Planning re Housing (WG, 23 February 2017) 

WPP87  PDF Document WG letter regarding statutory guidance on the compilation and use of Historic Environment Records (PDF, 131KB)Opens new window  &

Statutory Guidance - Historic Environment Records in Wales: Compilation and Use 

WPP88 The Welsh National Marine Plan draft 2015

WPP89 Final Water Resources Management Plan 2014  Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

WPP90 Welsh Government | A noise action plan for Wales 2013 - 2018

WPP91  PDF Document Draft Welsh National Marine Plan Dec 2017 (PDF, 14MB)Opens new window 

WPP92  PDF Document Guidance Note on Landmap and Special Landscape Areas by NRW 2017 (PDF, 1019KB)Opens new window

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