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Swansea and Regional Documents ('RD')

RD01 Swansea Bay City Region Economic Regeneration Strategy (2013-2030)

RD02  PDF Document Fabian Way Innovation Corridor Masterplan Framework (PDF, 3MB)Opens new window

RD03a  PDF Document Joint Transport Plan for South West Wales 2015-2020 (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

RD03b  PDF Document Letter for LTP (PDF, 63KB)Opens new window

RD03c South West Wales Regional Transport Plan (2010-2015) 

RD04 Western Wales River Basin Management Plan (2009)  The 2009 River basin Management Plan is being reviewed and further information on this can be found through this link Natural Resources Wales / River Basin Management Plans Published 2015 - 2021

RD05 South Wales SMP - SMP, Lavernock Point to St Ann's Head Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) 2012 

RD06 Regional Technical Statement for the North Wales and South Wales Regional Aggregate Working Parties, 1st Review. 1st August 2014 

RD07 SWRA RTS - Appendix B 

RD08 Swansea Bay Shoreline Management Plan (2001) 

RD09 Glamorgan Register of Landscapes, Parks  and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Wales.  Part 1 Parks and Gardens [PAPER COPY]

RD10 Register of Landscapes of Historic  Interest In Wales - Part 2.1 Landscapes of Outstanding Historic Interest [PAPER COPY]

RD11 A Guide to Good Practice on Using the Register of Landscapes in the Planning and Development Process 

RD12  PDF Document Swansea Eastside Connections, NRW May 2015  (PDF, 76MB)Opens new window

RD13  PDF Document Memorandum of Understanding MoU 2011 - Burry Inlet (PDF, 225KB)Opens new window &

PDF Document Memorandum of Understanding MoU 2011 – Burry Inlet appendices (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window

RD14 PDF Document Swansea Flood Risk Management Plan 2015 (PDF, 15MB)Opens new window 

RD15  PDF Document Destination Management Plan (PDF, 683KB)Opens new window

Neighboring Local Authority Development Plans 

RD16 Carmarthenshire County Council LDP - Adopted December 2014 

RD17 Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council LDP - Adopted January 2016 

Historic Swansea Development Plans

RD18 Swansea Local Plan 1989 [Paper Copy Only]

RD19 Northern Lliw Valley Local Plan 1993 [Paper Copy Only]

RD20 Southern Lliw Valley Local Plan 1986 [Paper Copy Only] 


RD21 Swansea Unitary Development Plan (UDP) 



RD22 Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) Action Plans in Swansea (2004)

RD23 Local Air Quality Management Reports

RD24 A Noise Action Plan  for Wales 2013-2018, WG

RD25  PDF Document Swansea Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy (2005) (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

RD26  PDF Document Review of SINCs in Swansea (PDF, 36MB)Opens new window 

RD27 City and County of Swansea community benefit policy [43KB]Opens new window  &  PDF Document Council Meeting Minutes 28th July 2016 (PDF, 340KB)Opens new window

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