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Submitted Evidence Base & Supporting Documents ('EB')

Evidence Base submitted (by topic)


EB001  PDF Document Affordable Housing Viability Study July 2013 (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

EB002 PDF Document Affordable Housing Viability Study Report May 2016 (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window  &  PDF Document AHVS Appendix 4 - House Price Data (PDF, 4MB)Opens new window

EB003  PDF Document Local Housing Market Assessment 2013 (PDF, 8MB)Opens new window

EB004  PDF Document Local Housing Market Assessment (Update) 2015 (PDF, 634KB)Opens new window

EB005  PDF Document Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2015 (PDF, 488KB)Opens new window

EB006a 2016 JHLAS Final Report

EB006b 2016 JHLAS Final Statement of Common Ground

EB007 Joint Housing Land Availability Studies - Previous Years

Economy and Employment

EB008 Economic Assessment & Employment Land Provision for Swansea and Neath Port Talbot  October 2012

Growth Strategy & Forecasts

EB009  PDF Document Population and Housing Projections Update Paper Revised 2017 (PDF, 564KB)Opens new window

EB010  PDF Document Housing Landbank and Previously Developed Land Capacity Study Revised 2017 (PDF, 2MB)Opens new window

EB011 PDF Document 2017 Review of Swansea Local Development Plan Growth Strategy and Evidence Base (July 2017) (PDF, 3MB)Opens new window


Environmental Constraints

EB013 Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment 2012

Green Belt / Green Wedges

EB014 Green Belt and Green Wedge Designation June 2016


EB015  PDF Document Gower Landscape Character Assessment 2013 (PDF, 16MB)Opens new window

EB016  PDF Document Special Landscape Areas Assessment 2012 (PDF, 14MB)Opens new window

EB017  PDF Document Stage I & II Gower Landscape Capacity Study for Caravan and Camping Sites 2014 (PDF, 12MB)Opens new window

Open Space & Green Infrastructure

EB018 LDP Open Space assessment (2016)

Renewable Energy

EB019  PDF Document Renewable Energy Assessment 2015 (PDF, 17MB)Opens new window


EB020  PDF Document Strategic Review of Retail Planning Policy 2013 (PDF, 5MB)Opens new window

EB021  PDF Document Swansea Retail & Leisure Capacity Study 2015 (PDF, 12MB)Opens new window

EB022  PDF Document Review of Retail Capacity, Investment Potential and Strategy for the City & County of Swansea 2013 (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window

Settlement Boundary

EB023  PDF Document Settlement Boundary Review (Revised 2017) (PDF, 805KB)Opens new window

EB023a  PDF Document EB023a Settlement Boundary Review 2016 Appendix 2 UPDATED (PDF, 45MB)Opens new window & 

PDF Document Appendix 2: (Bishopston Schedule - Revised 2017) (PDF, 388KB)Opens new window 

EB023b  PDF Document Appendix 3 Key Village Appraisal (Revised 2017) (PDF, 22MB)Opens new window

Transport and Infrastructure

EB024a  PDF Document Strategic Transport Assessment 2015 (PDF, 7MB)Opens new window

EB024b  PDF Document Strategic Transport Assessment 2015 Appendices A-E - Part 1 (PDF, 14MB)Opens new window

EB024c  PDF Document Strategic Transport Assessment 2015 Appendices A-E - Part 2 (PDF, 6MB)Opens new window

EB024d  PDF Document Strategic Transport Assessment 2015 Appendices A-E - Part 3 (PDF, 9MB)Opens new window

Ward Profiles

EB025 LDP Ward Profiles (2016)


EB026  PDF Document 2017 Review and Update of Viability Evidence for the Swansea Local Development Plan (July 2017) (PDF, 23MB)Opens new window

# Documents above dated as 'Revised 2017' include updates and clarifications arising after the Deposit LDP consultation implemented to assist the examination, including amendments arising from representations made by consultees


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