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Whole school year forming mass brass band

A whole school year is aiming to blow away family and friends by forming a mass brass band at a Swansea comprehensive.


All 110 pupils in Year 7 at Dylan Thomas Community School have started to learn to play an instrument.

Under an ambitious challenge set by the council's Swansea Music Unit, the aim is to have them all hitting the high notes by the end of term when every single one of them will take part in a public concert.

The aim of the project, called BandAlong, is to give every youngster in the year a chance to have a go at learning an instrument.

It is hoped those that enjoy it will be inspired to continue.

But all being well all 110 youngsters will play a part in two end of term concerts planned for late June.

They are now starting to get to grips with how to play the trumpet, trombone, horn and other instruments.

The pupils have also been asked to design a logo to promote the initiative and the winner will be announced on Tuesday.

Karin Jenkins, Head of Swansea Music Unit, said: "It's going to be quite a challenge both for the pupils and our unit's music teachers but we are really looking forward to working with everyone at Dylan Thomas Community School.

"The aim is to give them all the opportunity to see if learning how to play an instrument is something they enjoy.

"We are hoping that it does inspire some of the youngsters to continue and carry on with lessons in the years to come."

The theme of the concert will be Heroes and Villains.

The concert will be broken down into four sets - with each year group playing a set.

They will then all come together at the end to play one combined item.

Ms Jenkins added: "We are aiming to stage two performances in late June. Final details will be announced closer to the time.

"If it is a success it's something we'll look at repeating next year."

Mr Rob Phillips, Headteacher said: "Band Along is a challenging but exciting project for our Year 7 pupils - a wonderful opportunity for the whole year group to learn how to play a musical instrument.

"Having seen the fantastic progress they are making after only a short time, the concert at the end of June is an exciting prospect.

"We are confident that this will be a successful and enjoyable experience for our pupils, building on the strong musical culture within our school."

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