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The occupants of the houses in 1901

A case study: Rosser Court in the 1901 census

Rosser Court

Some facts and figures:

  • There were 6 houses in Rosser Court, but only 5 were inhabited in 1901.
  • Each house had 2 rooms, a total of 10 occupied rooms.
  • 15 people lived there in total.
  • None of them were living there ten years previously.
  • The oldest was 72, still working as a dock labourer. He and his wife had come from Dorset to find work.
  • 5 were children, including 2 babies under a year old.
  • There were 2 toilets to go round.

    The picture below shows Rosser Court in the early 20th century. The houses opened out onto an alley way that was no more than three feet wide. High walls blocked out much of the natural light from the houses nearest the main street.

Here is a list of the occupants of Rosser Court from the 1901 census:

1 Rosser Court
Edwin Powlesland, 37, general labourer
Emma Powlesland, 33
David Powlesland, 10

2 Rosser Court
Fred G Spring, 44, French interpreter
Marianne Spring, 47
May A Spring, 10

3 Rosser Court

4 Rosser Court
Joseph Wellman, 72, dock labourer
Jane Wellman, 71

5 Rosser Court
Samuel O Thomas, 23, coach labourer
Mary A Thomas, 22
William D Thomas, 3
Anne Thomas, 8 months

6 Rosser Court
George Ridler, 21, driver of cart horse
Catherin Ridler, 21
George H Ridler, 11 months

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