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Ynysforgan roundabout improvement works nearing completion

Motorists are being urged to pay attention to new road markings that are now in place at the Ynysforgan roundabout just off J45 of the M4.

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The new road markings have been introduced as part of a new lane layout at the roundabout to cut down on congestion.

Now close to completion, work on the new scheme will also soon include additional road markings and the installation of new signs southbound on the A4067 to further help drivers.

The new layout of lanes has been put in place because the old layout meant 50% of the lanes on the roundabout were heavily underused, which often led to long queues of traffic on the main approaches.

Stuart Davies, Head of Transportation at Swansea Council, said: "As well as some of the lanes on the roundabout being largely empty for long periods of time under the old layout, there has also been considerable development in the Pontardawe and Swansea Valley area. This has led to a 40% increase in vehicles using the A4067 over the last decade or so, resulting in slow moving queues back towards Glais in the morning rush hour and northbound as back as far as Wychtree in the afternoon rush hour.

"The new layout at the roundabout is aimed at tackling this congestion through a more even and efficient use of its lanes, with additional road markings and signs soon being put in place to further help motorists ensure they're in the right lanes.

"Some motorists who are very familiar with the roundabout are continuing to drive according to the old lane layout, which is leading to some confusion. This is why the council would urge all motorists using the roundabout to take care in ensuring they follow the new lane road markings that are now in place."

The new lane layout at the roundabout is as below:

Southbound A4067: Lane 1 (M4 East only), Lane 2 (A4067 Swansea), Lane 3: A4067 Swansea/Ynysforgan/M4 West

Northbound A4067: Lane 1: Ynysforgan/M4 West, Lane 2: Clydach/Pontardawe, Lane 3: M4 East.

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