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Rubbish bag

Commercial waste sacks

You may decide, or be required, to use waste sacks to store and dispose of your businesses waste rather than wheeled bins.

White commercial waste sacks

White commercial waste sacks are issued to businesses in areas such as the city centre where businesses are unable to have bins. 

This service can be used if:

  • you are only producing small quantities of waste, up to 4 bags per week, and do not require a bin.
  • you have no room to store bins on site.

If  there is  no room on site for a bin - contracts will be issued and charged for the equivalent bin capacity,

For example:  an  1100 litre bin  is equivalent capacity to 15 ( 70 litre sacks ) so the customer would  be charged as if they have an 1100 litre bin and be issued with the equivalent  15 sacks per/week. The invoice will show a as an 1100 litre bin emptied once per week. This is a cheaper way of charging than the cost per sack

Businesses are not permitted to put out black sacks  they must use white commercial sacks,  which are only available from the commercial waste office on a contract. The minimum contract is 1 sack per week.

White bags are usually issued every 6 months in March for the April- September invoice period and September for the October to March invoice period.

Each roll contains 10 sacks and you will be charged by invoice in advance. If you use up these sacks before the end of the period you must contact the office to increase/revise your contract.

Conversely if you come to the end of the period March or September and find that you have surplus sacks, these sacks can be used and will be continued to collected beyond the invoice period. No further invoices will be generated and we will not deliver sacks until such time that you have used the supply you have. Please let us know prior to delivery if you do not require sacks and to reduce/revise your contract.

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