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Wheeled bin

Wheeled bins

We can provide wheeled bins to store your business waste between collections. They come in a range of sizes to suit your business's requirements.

The bin service is ideal for those businesses that have space on site to move and store these types of bins. A suitability assessment will need to be completed by an officer before bins can be delivered. 

The table below will help you decide which type of container is right for your business. You should choose the size of container appropriate to the amount of waste your business produces, not based on price.





* Approx bags

360 litres

62 cm

86 cm

107 cm


660 litres


75.5 cm

134 cm


770 litres

126 cm

78.5 cm

137 cm


1100 litres

126.5 cm

98.5 cm

137 cm


*refuse sacks, normal capacity 70 litres

Bins come fitted with standard triangular locks and foot operated brakes on the front casters (360 litres bins are not fitted with brakes)

Wheeled bins must be presented with the lids closed and locked; all refuse must be kept inside the bin. Refuse outside the bins or on top of the bins will not be collected unless agreed prior to collection.

Bin weight limits

The vehicle cannot lift bins over 500kg in weight this only usually occurs if the bin contains food waste or rubble which we do not accept in general waste bins. If a business is found to be putting these materials in the bins we reserve the right to terminate their contract with immediate effect.

What can go in the general waste bin?

All non recyclable materials not including rubble, plaster board or food waste.

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