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Minor changes to plastic kerbside recycling will improve quality

Minor changes have been made to Swansea's plastics recycling service to help ensure materials collected are recycled in the UK.

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Swansea Council has delivered a new information leaflet to explain the changes and means that carrier bags and plastic film cannot be put into the pink recycling sacks.  

The Council says the changes are vital and have been requested by plastics reprocessing companies who cannot process plastic bags in the same way that harder plastic materials can.

Chris Howell, Head of Waste Management, said: "Residents are doing a fantastic job in terms of recycling household plastic materials at the kerbside. The amount of plastic we recycle has increased significantly since we first introduced the service.

"The companies that we pass our plastics on to have restricted the type and quality of plastic they want from us and so we need to be able to respond and bring residents on board with the small changes we are making.

"The changes are relatively small and simply mean that residents need to avoid putting carrier bags and plastic film into the pink sacks.

"The leaflet residents have been given provides clear and simple guidelines linked to what can and can't go in the sacks."

The changes come ahead of plans to roll out a city wide scheme using reusable pink sacks and have been trialled in selected communities for the past two years.

Mr Howell said: "The trial of the reusable sacks has been very successful. Their introduction will not only help to provide a better quality plastic for our reprocessors. The weighted base of the sacks also means that they will be less likely to get blown around streets during high winds."

The reusable pink sack scheme will be rolled out later in the year.

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