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  1. Swansea Council is the data controller for the personal information you provide on this form. We are collecting this information as part of our obligation under Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014. Your information will be used to help us fulfil our legal obligation and will not be used for any other purpose. We will not share your data with third parties unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.

    Data protection law describes the legal basis for our processing your data as necessary for compliance with a legal obligation. For further information about how Swansea Council uses your personal data, including your rights as a data subject, please see our corporate privacy notice on our website.
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  3. Site address
  4. Tank information
    1. Tanks in which the Petroleum Enforcing Authority (PEA) are required to permit petroleum to be stored
    2. First tank
    3. Second tank
    4. Third tank
    5. Fourth tank
    6. Fifth tank
    7. Sixth tank
    8. Seventh tank
    9. Eighth tank
  5. Fees
    1. The annual fee is calculated on the maximum working capacity of petrol stored in the above tanks as indicated by you. Specify the initial period for which you intend to pay the fee below.

      Please note: Paying for multiple years will reduce administrative burden on your business and enable you to purchase at the current year's fee rate. However the Regulations are subject to review and the inclusion of fees could be changed.
    2. Indicate the number of years for which you would like to pay the fee: *
  6. Keeper of petrol
    1. Registered address (if limited company)
  7. Acknowledgment
    1. Please advise if the PEA may correspond with you electronically *
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  9. When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system. Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment. If we don't receive your payment we won't be able to process your application.
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