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Have your say on new planning guidance for HMOs

A consultation has kicked off in Swansea giving the public the chance to have their say on draft planning guidance associated with Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

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Swansea Council wants the public to have their say on the latest plans which will help to control the concentration of HMOs across the city.

The Council has been working with consultants to draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) which can be used when planning applications are submitted for HMOs.

Residents can now give their views on the new SPG which has been published on the Council's website.

The draft guidance suggests that within a proposed new 'HMO Management Area' - including parts of Uplands and Castle wards - a maximum of 30% of all residential properties would be allowed as HMOs. In all other parts of Swansea the proposed maximum level of HMOs is set at be 10% of residential properties.  

Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing & Healthy City, said "I would encourage the public to let us know their views on these new measures that will ensure communities and the council get control of the level of HMOs in their neighbourhoods.

"With a 10% limit for virtually all of Swansea, including St Thomas, this is a tolerable maximum for most.

"In reduced parts of Uplands and Castle wards this maximum is 30%, which reflects the nature of these parts of the city but still protects from over concentration." 

The consultation will run until March 5 and following that the Council will aim to adopt the SPG.

The draft guidance also follows on from changes to national planning legislation which was introduced in February 2016. A new use class has been introduced which now requires all HMOs with 3 - 6 rooms to have planning permission.

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies, Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development & Regeneration, added: "If these new planning guidelines are adopted it gives everyone a clear, evidence based picture of what can and can't happen."

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