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Apply for a holiday visitors permit for a commercial properties

If someone from outside Swansea is visiting you for at least 3 days you can apply for a permit for them to use a residents parking bay while they are here.

Only one holiday visitors permit can be allocated to an address at a time, but there is no restriction on how many of this type of permit can be issued in succession. There is a charge of £25.00 per week for each permit (no reduction in charge for stays of less than a week). You will be able to pay the fee at the same time you make the application.

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  3. Owner/owner’s agent details
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  4. Holidaymaker details
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  5. Length of visit
  6. Visitor’s vehicle details
    1. Information about the size and weight of your vehicle can be found on the V5C certificate
    2. Is the visitor’s vehicle more than 2.35m high and 5.35m long (roughly transit van size) AND does the vehicle weigh more than 3500kg?
      1. Due to the size and weight of your vehicle we will not be able to give you a parking permit for this vehicle.
    1. Caution

      I have read the information about Holiday Visitor Parking Permits for commercial lettings.

      The information I have given on this form is correct and complete and I understand that I shall be liable for prosecution if I have declared any false information. I also understand that having a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space and any misuse of the permit will result in its withdrawal.

      I consent to the City and County of Swansea checking any of the information I have given on this form with details it already holds or with other information held by Government Departments and other Local Authorities. I understand that this information may be shared to prevent or detect fraud.
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    3. When you click 'submit' you will be taken to our payment system. Please ensure that you fully complete your bank details and progress to the confirmation of payment. If we don't receive your payment we won't be able to process your request.
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